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My Favorite Wedding Venues for Stunning Photos In The Limestone Coast

1. The Barn at Mount Gambier

The Barn offers a rustic charm with its beautiful gardens and elegant reception spaces. The combination of lush greenery and classic architecture makes it a versatile venue for capturing timeless wedding photos.

2. Coonawarra Vineyards

Known for its world-class wines, Coonawarra Vineyards provides a lush, green backdrop that is perfect for wedding photography. The rows of vines, historic cellar doors, and rustic charm make for captivating and elegant photos.

3. Umpherston Sinkhole

Also known as the Sunken Garden, Umpherston Sinkhole is a truly unique wedding venue. The lush gardens within the sinkhole provide an extraordinary setting for wedding photos that are both magical and distinctive.

4. Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

  • The stunning Blue Lake is a striking backdrop for wedding photos. Its vivid blue waters and surrounding greenery create a stunning natural setting for both ceremonies and portraits.

5. Port MacDonnell Foreshore

  • The foreshore area of Port MacDonnell boasts pristine beaches and panoramic ocean views. This venue is perfect for couples looking to embrace the natural coastal beauty in their wedding photos.

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